Exclusive Invitation for the wealth seeker who's fed up with grubby hands continually snatching at their heard-earned money!

Join this band of wealthy investors who are taking BACK control of their wealth

And discover the ONLY way to secure yourself a tax-free fortune SARS can NEVER touch!

Dear Frustrated South African!

Every month you hand over anything between 26% and 41% of your hard earned salary to the government in the form of Income tax… That’s a quarter to almost half of your money gone before you can even smell it…
You pay up to 33% Capital Gains Tax on the profit you make when you sell your assets…  
If you decide to give your children some of the wealth you’ve accumulated through your own sweat and tears, the South African government takes another 8% of it! That’s almost a full tenth of the value you amassed for your family.
And when you die, the government takes another 20% of your hard-earned money as ‘Estate Duty’… that’s almost another quarter of your money gone!
And now they’re proposing taxing the ‘wealthy’ even further! The government set up the Davis Tax Review Committee to determine just how they’re going to swipe even more of your hard-earned cash!
There’s no escaping it! They’re sticking their greedy little fingers in every pie you can imagine to extract every last drop of hope you have left: There’s ‘Wealth’ tax, Carbon tax, Municipal dues, Corporate tax, new VAT charges, taxes on trust income, estate duties, foreign tax... 
Listen up my friend, if you want to make money in South Africa and put a STOP to this insane erosion of YOUR retirement money, you’ve got to be REALLY clued up! I’ll show you how you can do this in a moment, but for now, how would you enjoy TAX-FREE investments?
No joke. These actually do exist in the land that allows ONLY the extreme elite and wealthy to claim for a swimming pool as a fire-hydrant and to pay for a massive luxury estate with YOUR money!

Stash your retirement money in an investment the government cannot touch!

That’s right! This investment is 99.9% TAX-FREE! I say 99.9% because it does attract estate duty, but in effect, it makes it a 100% tax-free retirement pool… GUARANTEED! No grubby hands can get anywhere near your money when you stash it in this smart play.
It’s better than a fixed savings account because you can access your investment capital anytime you need to without penalties…
It’s far better than a Retirement Annuity because you don’t have to wait until you’re 55 to dip into your funds if you need to… It’s far cheaper too compared to an RA’s 1.5% per year platform fee, 1.5% investment funds and 0.5% per year that goes to the Financial Advisor… Costing you a quarter of your growth every single year.
And, it’s even better than share trading when you consider that investing in stocks incurs the following costs:
Now, for the rest of your life, you can pay ZERO tax on this investment and just a tiny cost of 0.25%, at MOST!
Have I piqued your interest yet? This is what I was referring to earlier about being clued up… Being part of an inner circle of people that are banding together to take BACK control of their hard-earned money! But before I get into how you can get in touch with this group of savvy investors…

Here’s how you can turn just R2,500 per month into R3,517,475!

Let’s say you invest R2,500 per month for 16 years in this TAX-FREE investment, you then stop contributing money and just hold the investment for another four years. At an average growth of 10% per annum, your return after 20 years will equal R3,517,475!
Had you invested that same amount in the stock market at an average gain of 8% per year, your return after twenty years would be only R2,364,594.64 (R1,152,609 less!).
And, if you invested that same amount in a fixed deposit at 7% interest, your return would only be at R1,938,594.64 before costs (that’s R1,578,880 less!).
So my friend, is there ANY reason you would rather give your money away to corrupt politicians?
I didn’t think so…
This is the type of investment you’ll be privy to if you choose to join the insider circle of elite wealth seekers that’s been growing in South Africa through word-of-mouth over the last 16 years… (We don’t want to splash this kind of information all over the walls, you understand?)
You can’t afford to be an outsider…
I have to be honest with you, it’s practically impossible to amass wealth in South Africa anymore unless you have a network of seasoned wealth experts who are delving into little-known investments like the one I’ve just described to you.
It’s through these kind of loopholes and savvy investment advice that they too are making their wealth. We’re not talking about old money here or fairy-tale dreams. This little network of wealth-seekers is quietly growing their wealth month-by-month, year-by-year while the rest of South Africa becomes poorer and poorer, despite government’s insane policies and hood-wink tactics!


I'm Joshua Benton.
I've been in the financial industry for half a decade. In this time, I've worked for leading financial newsletters including Unconventional MillionaireMoneyMorning and most recently, Real Wealth.
Through my work, I've built exclusive relationships with a network of global and local economic thought leaders, including Chris Hart, Dawie Roodt and Dan Denning. These high-level connections allow me to give my readers 'insider' investment insights unavailable anywhere else.
Today I’m the Editorial Director of The South African Investor. One of the most powerful fellowships of private wealth fellowships in the world. 
What I do here is something I’m truly proud of. Because I don’t help companies get richer. I help ordinary investors, like you, get rich.
You see, every month, our team of investment experts and I publish unique and reliable wealth-building strategies most South African never even hear about.
These include high-yield income instruments... Undervalued sector plays... And many other unusual techniques for capturing well-above average market returns. All while minimising the risks you take to capture these gains.

Our track record speaks for itself

In 2016, we closed out gains of 285% on Standard Bank, 172.8% on Santam and 52% on Woolworths. In 2015, our portfolios banked a cumulative 237%. In 2014, we banked a cumulative 535%. In 2013, members banked cumulative gains of 440% across our portfolios. While 2012, netted our members a cumulative total return of 566.9%.
Proof that no matter what’s going on in the market, or in parliament, whether we’re enjoying a bull run or riding out a bear market, whether government throws hardworking South Africans another lemon or two – we’re constantly providing our elite members with new ways to generate income and build wealth safely.

We’re not ashamed to say that we’re an elite band of wealth-seekers… Heck, we work hard enough for our money, why should we? And we have NOTHING to apologise for. Our small group of savvy investors are made up of all races and we have both women and men in our inner circle… But I won’t lie to you… EVERY single one of them wants to make money and STOP others from pilfering what’s rightfully theirs.

We don’t break the law, in fact everything we do is legal and above-board. We’re just serious about making money and KEEPING it!

And lucky for you, occasionally, we invite people that share our sentiments into our inner circle. This is how you have come to receive this letter from me today.

To give you an inside glimpse into the kind of savvy advice you could be privy to by joining our inner circle, I want to send you all this today:

You’ll get all this so you can decide if you want to form part of our insider circle…

And if you do, you could soon also be saying…

"This is my best trading tool in these very turbulent times. I use your advice and information regularly especially portfolios, I would not be able to trade successfully without all this solid and reliable advice, I enjoy reading your publication, and cannot believe that novice traders can try to trade without these aids." - Member G Gray
The publication is of a high standard, with authoritative material on the global and local economic landscape. There are also useful discussions of markets and investing. I have found recommendations about investment instruments, particularly local and international funds, trustworthy and valuable.  The SAI’s shares portfolio has always been well-constructed and  instructive." - Member JB

"Message from an eighty year old private investor: For me, it is often the only light in the tunnel"
- Member PJ de Wet

"Nobody has a crystal ball, however sa investor has had a consistently very high strike rate on share selection for my last 14 years of subscription, exceptional!" - Member Kevin Piper

“The Club gives good guidelines through the mass of information confronting investors. I really like the concept of looking for value away from the ‘herd’.” 
- Member T Stratten
“Your correspondence interested me as I had been looking for advice in protecting and growing my portfolio. This was a good move on my part as for the very short time that I have been a member I have found your articles extremely interesting and useful.” Member R.G Williams

I like your editorial style, your recommendations are valuable, you cover many different aspects of investment and there is always something worth thinking about. I like your decisive approach.” - Member Bert Swanepoel
“Professional info and advice not run of the mill stuff. I am a financial planner and The South African Investor provides me with more info when advising clients.” - Member Anton Schutte

You’ll have the opportunity to meet all these wealth-seeking members when The South African Investor insider circle gets together every quarter. 


Here, you’ll also meet our professional analysts and advisors…

Francois Joubert, Resource, Property and Small-Cap Expert

Before joining the South African Investor team, Francois had a distinguished career working in the mining industry. It was there that he developed an intimate knowledge of commodities and learned how to identify the best investment opportunities in resources as diverse as gold, uranium, platinum, and much more. Through focusing on small cap and value stocks, he grew his own stock portfolio threefold while he was still a student, before turning his attention to residential real estate investments. He holds degrees in both geology and commerce and completed his equities and derivatives RPE qualifications through the South African Institute of the Financial Markets.
While managing his growing real estate empire and whisky distillery, he's also the editor of South Africa's largest small-cap stock newsletter, Red Hot Penny Shares. Through this publication, his goal is to help readers achieve the same stock and property investment success he did.
Francois has also been featured as an expert guest on CNBCSABC2SABC3 and Chai FM. And you may have come across his books on investing, including the best-selling How to Become a Master Property Investor in 90 days.
Timon Rossolimos, our Local and International Market Strategist
Timon Rossolimos is a professional trader, author and trading trainer. 

Upon graduating in economics, Timon went on to complete his Registered Persons Exams (RPE) through the SAIFM and started trading professionally for himself.  Timon’s subsequent 12-year trading career lead him to his current position as the managing editor for the widely read email newsletter, Trading Tips which goes out to 30,000 traders every day; and the related YouTube Channel, Trading Tips TV.
Timon is also a sought-after speaker who has personally trained over 1,000 South Africans on trading and Forex; and the author of seven trading books, including the best seller, 94 Top Trading Lessons of All Time. You may have even seen him sharing his ideas on trading on CNBC Africa and SABC business television programmes.
out specific trading strategies you can use to improve your odds of making money trading CFDs in any kind of market conditions. 

Dan Denning, our Asian and Eastern Market Specialist
Dan Denning is the author of 2005’s best-seller The Bull Hunter (John 
Wiley & Sons). He began his financial publishing career in 1997 and has covered financial markets form Baltimore, Paris, London and, beginning in 2005 Melbourne. He’s the editor of The Daily Reckoning Australia and the Publisher of Port Phillip Publishing.
Dan is well recognised for his outspoken views on Asian markets and their influence on the rest of the world. Having gained experience from financial markets around the globe, Dan is perfectly positioned to anticipate how international actions, whether in the US, China or anywhere in between, will affect your investments. And his global view is perfect to help you identify the major trends you should be following as an investor.
Alexander Green, Wall Street Veteran
Alexander has more than 20 years of experience as a research analyst, investment advisor, financial writer and portfolio manager. Alex knows how the international markets work from the inside... And what stocks work best for the long term.
Chief Investment Strategist at our sister publication, The Oxford Club, Alex been has been profiled by The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, Forbes and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, among others. He’s also the best-selling author of The Secret of Shelter Island: Money and What Matters; and Beyond Wealth: The Road Map to a Rich Life.
Byron King, International Energy Specialist
Byron received his Juris Doctor from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, 
was a cum laude graduate of Harvard University, served on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations and as a field historian with the US Navy.
Byron is a world renowned energy and oil expert, and is the editor of the publications Outstanding Investments and Energy and Scarcity Investor
Through decades of investigation and global travel, to the heart of energy and resource empires, Byron has made it his business to reveal the most rewarding investment opportunities in these segments from around the globe.
Byron has made frequent appearances in mainstream media such as The Washington PostMSN MoneyMarketwatch.comFox Business NewsCNBC’s Squawk Box, and others. He also had a feature article written in the Financial Times, and has appeared on both CNN and Marketplace radio broadcasts.
Gary BooysenEquities and Derivatives Specialist
Before launching his own boutique brokerage firm, Gary helped build one of 
South Africa’s leading service orientated brokerage houses. As Head of Trading, his desk won the coveted Top Brokers’ People’s Choice Award. He is an avid market commentator who features regularly on CNBCSABC3BDTV and E-TV and currently co-hosts the morning show Open Exchange on CNBC Africa.
Gary is regularly featured on the 702 Money Show, Radio 2000, SAFM as well as a variety of print media publications including the Business Day and more recently, Forbes Magazine. As a director and portfolio manager, he specialises in bespoke portfolio construction, stockbroking and trading. In his spare time… What spare time? Gary lives, breathes and eats trading, investing, stocks and companies.
Guy Algeo
Long-term Wealth Management Specialist
Guy started his career with Alexander Forbes in 1994 where he provided investment consulting for Retirement Funds. In 1998 he joined BoE Personal Stockbrokers as an Investment Strategist and he was appointed as a Director in 2000. In 2003 Guy joined Imara SP Reid where he served as a Director and Head of Derivatives until 2015. Momentum purchased the company in mid-2015, Guy was appointed Head of Retail Trading for Momentum SP Reid Securities until December 2015.
In 2016 Guy joined Prodigy Asset Management on a full time basis. He founded the company in 2004, and is head of Business Development. During 2016 Guy redesigned the company to provide leading solutions in electronic Trading, pre and post Retirement Planning and Offshore Investments. 
During more than 20 years in the investment industry Guy has served in various capacities for the Imara Group; he is a member of the JSE Financial Derivatives Advisory Committee and on the advisory Board member of SA Investor. He is a regular speaker at investment events and respected commentator in the media.

Say yes today and you can get an exclusive glimpse into our world where wealth is ENCOURAGED and you won’t get punished for being wealthy!

If you’re interested in protecting and growing your hard-earned cash... If you want to put more cash in your pocket... Payments you can count on, year after year... Then you must accept this exclusive invite.
Where else will you get advice that could make you triple digit gains like these?

As I've already mentioned, in 2016 alone, we closed out gains of 285% on Standard Bank...172.8% on Santam... 52% on Woolworths
And our Perpetual Income Portfolio, which contains the best dividend payers out there, is currently sitting on open gains of 98.71%, 85.05% and 30.67%.

To get your hands on it, all you need to do is accept a one-year membership to The South African Investor.

  Join the South African Investor Now

 What will ALL this cost you?

Looking back on the success our members and the kind of information you will be privy to, I bet you’re expecting to pay several thousand rands each year for your membership to The South African Investor?
You’ll be surprised!

That’s because membership to The South African Investor WILL NOT cost thousands of rands. Remember, we’re here to help you KEEP your hard-earned money!
And that's why all you will pay for a FULL membership to The South African Investor for a FULL year is... just R1,500. That’s just R125 per month, or 0,00000015% of your hard-earned cash!.

So do the right thing for your wealth, your future, your retirement and your family and say yes today. Fill in the form below and you will be looking through our highly-valued reports and the latest monthly communique in no time.

If you, for whatever reason decide it’s not for you, just send me an email or give me a call within the first 60 days of your membership and I’ll give you every cent you paid in membership fees back. No hard feelings. We occasionally get the odd person who’s not ready to invest or hasn’t really been a victim of grubby handling! They often contact us begging to join our inner circle a few years later. And that’s fine too.

But if you’re ready to REALLY make money and KEEP grubby paws from taking your family’s fortune away from you, then I know we’ll become good friends over the years and decades to come…

Remember you get all this when you join today – RISK-FREE!

  • The latest members-only investment CommuniquéIf you decide to continue receiving The South African Investor, you’ll receive this communique monthly. This 12-page bulletin is packed with the latest market updates, share tips, investment advice and wealth protection advice. Eloquently written and finely detailed, this communiqué gives you the latest news from inside the network, tells you the best shares to buy on the market and gives you explicit “hold” or “sell” recommendations.
  • An up-to-date and fully researched share portfolio to give you a first step towards long-term gains in the coming year. Our “Pillar One” Advisors have been hard at work preparing this for you. Out of around 500 possibilities researched, these are the top 15 long-term value shares you can invest in today. They will ensure that your investment can comfortably outperform in bull and bear markets alike.
  • Profiting in Uncertain Times: Five bombshelter shares poised for double, even triple digit returns in the coming three years.
  • The Perpetual Income Report: Imagine you started every year with the certain knowledge you were going to collect twelve work-free cheques directly from the JSE. You could decide how big your cheques will be. You’d receive them no matter how well or badly the market performed. And you’ll keep getting paid year after year for as long as you want. In this amazing report, you’ll discover this simple strategy. And, even better, once you’ve mastered it you’ll see just how flexible and safe it is.

I look forward to welcoming you personally at our next gathering…

Francois Joubert
Investment Director of The South African Investor

P.S. Remember, I’m so convinced The South African Investor will significantly boost your wealth, that if you’re not 100% thrilled, you have a FULL 60 days to get a refund of your membership fees with no hard feelings... So don’t leave it until you’re breaking down our door begging for us to send you our reports and communique, just take a look today and decide for yourself, you risk nothing.

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